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Why hearing is important

Your hearing matters

Of all the five senses, our hearing is perhaps the most precious. Consider all the sounds that surround you every single day: a child laughing, a bird singing, a friend chatting, or a great song on the radio - it is this symphony of sounds that makes life richer.

Hearing empowers us and helps us lead our everyday lives without limitations. It enables us to socialize, work and communicate. It also helps us to stay connected to the outside world and it keeps us safe by warning us of potential danger.

If we lose it, we lose contact with the people we love and the world around us, as when your hearing declines—and it does for most people at some point—it can feel like much of your life is going downhill. The fact is, hearing loss doesn’t just affect you physically. It can impact your emotional and social health, too.

Left untreated, hearing loss is often related to:

  • Negative attitudes, anger and irritability
  • Stress, fatigue and tension
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Desire to avoid social scenes
  • Unsafe situations due to decreased alertness
  • Lower job performance
  • Trouble remembering things or following directions
  • Cognitive decline.