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Industrial Hearing Screening Services.


All Ears Hearing is Noise Induced Hearing Loss specialist and can help you to keep your employees ear and hearing health under check.

If you employ staff within a noisy environment, you will understand the importance of hearing checks and noise protection. All Ears Hearing provides a range of services to help you achieve a safer noise environment within your workplace . Our Audiologist Ms Mini Gupta is Audiology Australia accredited and work cover registered. Our services include:

On-site hearing screening for 10+ Employees.

As new staff arrive, it’s crucial to have their hearing checked to establish their hearing levels at the start of their contract with you. We recommend hearing checks every 3 years thereafter.

Noise Awareness Training.

It’s important to understand responsibilities as an employer and we can help by educating your staff about audiological and nonaudiological effects of noise. We would also educate them on tinnitus and reduced noise tolerance as a side effect if they do not use their noise protection devices.

Noise Protection in the Workplace.

Custom made noise protection can offer the ultimate protection for your most valuable assets – your staff. We take impressions on site to get customised noise protection ear plugs made and delivered to you.


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