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Sound Therapy is effective for tinnitus because it remaps the auditory pathways in the brain. The dynamically filtered music progressively activates all parts of the auditory system. This includes the ear drum, the bones and muscles of the middle ear, the tiny receptor cells in the inner ear, the auditory nerve and the auditory cortex in the brain.

Our specific Sound Therapy processing means the sound is actively stimulating and rehabilitating this entire pathway. In addition, our use of classical music means at least ten different brain centres are activated as part of the process.

In this way, Sound Therapy builds many new pathways, enhancing our brain plasticity, so that the repetitive tinnitus signals cease to fire and no longer capture our attention.

Mini Gupta at All ears Hearing is certified provider of Sound Therapy program .Please call us on 0402476713 if you want more information about our tinnitus management program.